Elaborate vs. Practical bunk beds

Wooden bunk beds tend to come in two categories: plain and practical, or fancy. But what is the best? Firstly, you have your traditional, practical wooden bunk bed. These can be found at bedstar.co.uk and do exactly what they say on the tin. They are two beds in one, are strong and made of wood. The top one will always have extra wood round the edge to create a rail, so that the child on top does not fall out, and there will always be a suitable, simple ladder. There is not really much else you would want from a bunk bed, except perhaps a little character and elaborateness. This is when you may consider some of the other wooden bunk beds found at bedstar.co.uk. You have ones with ornate carvings on the posts, ones with curved, carved poles at the foot and head of both beds, and ones that are a bed, desk and storage combined. All of these look fantastic and the latter are even highly practical. But are they necessary?

A lot of it comes down to how long you plan to keep the beds, and what decor they are being put into. If they are just going to be used until the children are old enough to handle their own room, then there really is not a lot of sense spending a fortune for something that will be around a few years at most. However, if you are planning on keeping the bed for a while longer then you may want it to look homely and part of the furniture. The added bonus of lovely carved posts will really add to your home and extra storage and desk room is useful for everybody, not just the child whose bed it is. So work out what is best for you. Both types are always safe and sturdy, but it is up to you whether you go for simple or fancy.  So visit the Bedstar site today for all the latest bunk beds and much more.

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