Creating a country cottage feel

Many people dream of a little cottage in the country, with exposed wooden beams, acres of land and chickens in the yard. However, the reality for most of us is that living in cities and towns is more convenient and realistic than a hidden away cottage in the country.
However, that doesn’t mean that you have to give up the country dream! You can easily create the perfect country cottage feel in your own home, whether it’s a two bedroomed back-to-back terrace or a modern, city-centre flat.
One of the easiest rooms to decorate in the country cottage style is the bedroom. Since we spend so much time in there, it might as well look great, so you can go all out when it comes to your theme. Country cottages are full of traditional wooden furniture. We love rustic, stripped-back wood and this makes for a really authentic feel. Choose a wooden bed with a chunky bed frame that really dominates the space. Avoid any wooden beds that have a very glossy, modern style and try to stick to lighter wooden finishes that will help the rest of the little details stand out. Lighter furniture will also make whatever space you have look much bigger.
For your soft furnishings, go with soft neutral and pastel colours in either a pretty floral design or a simple gingham check. There are lots of ranges these days, and home-hunter extraordinaire Kirstie Allsopp has a great collection that really captures the country cottage spirit. Furnish your bed with plenty of plump cushions and add a patchwork quilt for the winter months. Bedside cabinets should be covered in a soft, printed fabric, with plenty of candles scattered about.
Other furniture could include a classic reading chair or a chaise lounge, decorated with a comfy knitted blanket, and a tall chest of drawers with wrought iron handles. Curtains should be long and sweeping, and heavy enough to keep the light out, but have a sheer material underneath to let the light in during the day. Top off your look with plenty of floral china, wooden accessories and pastel coloured bric-a-brac for a true country cottage look.
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