Coloured Leather Beds

When you think of leather, do you immediately envisage brown or black? This is because the majority of leather goods are this colour, but when it comes to leather beds you actually have other colours to choose from.
Of course you have your traditional black and brown beds, and it is hard not to admit that they really do look classy in those colours. But, sometimes class is not something you want, perhaps you are after a wild or spontaneous look and a leather bed that is not brown or black would definitely qualify as that.
White leather beds are becoming increasingly popular. At the online Bedstar shop they have quite a few of their leather beds that have the option of coming in white, but they also have a couple that are available in pale pink as well. These beds look beautiful, but you do wonder about the practicality of the pale colours, especially if you have pets or children.
So perhaps pale coloured leather beds are not practical, but how about dark coloured leather beds? Dark royal blue is a colour that makes your leather bed stylish but modern. Just imagine how cool your room would look with a blue leather bed, combined with sultry curtains and a complementary rug. That leather bed would scream wealth, style and sophistication.
Another popular colour for leather beds is red. Red is always a successful colour as it goes with plenty of other colours and it is vibrant. Red leather beds tend to be either very dark red or bright pillarbox red. Dark red would blend well into many colour schemes but a brighter red really makes a statement and suggests passion and vibrancy.
So be daring and purchase a coloured leather bed, you definitely will not regret it.

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